Quick SMS

Quick SMS is an app, where you can create Quick SMS. When you create them you choose the text and the recipient. Then you can quickly send the SMS. This is if you often send the same SMS to the same person. Another usage is, if your house alarm is capable of turning on/off via SMS.You can also insert wildcard (??). When you send the SMS it will ask you what to replace the ?? with. Comes in handy if you have a Quick SMS that needs a passcode or a time.

Movie Info

*Now updated with Actor search* Movie Info will let you search information about movies. Simply type the title or cast name and press search. It uses the large database themoviedb.org which is a free and open movie database. Like IMDb it contains all the information about films and actors you need. You can see all kinds of information like movie description, cast, covers, backdrops, trailers and there will be a direct link to IMDb's homepage. It is also possible to read information about actors and directors and see what movies they starred in.

Media Center Remote

Media Center Remote makes it possible for you to control your Windows Media Center with your phone. All you need to do is install a small program on your Media Center. The remote will work with Windows XP Media Center, Windows Vista Media Center and Windows 7 Media Center

How Drunk

Have you ever thought about how drunk you really are? Now you have a chance to stay updated all night long with "How Drunk?" for your WebOS device. With "How Drunk?" you can keep track of how much you drink during the night, you can compare how drunk you are with your friends and see when you are completely sober again. With the simple interface it is quick and easy to keep track of your BAC (Blood alcohol content). EVEN when you're very drunk. Just select the type of drink (wine, beer, shot ect.) you consume and the rest is handled by "How Drunk". Please drink responsible.

Nov, 21/2010 Just wanted to thank HP Palm for the newly finished DevDays in New York. It was fantastisc!!

Looking forward to next year.

Nov, 16/2010 Quick SMS has been approved for the WebOS catalogue. Quick SMS is an app, where you can create Quick SMS

Give it a try. It's FREE!

Sept, 23/2010 "Movie Info" app has been updated. Now it is possible to search on actors, directors and other movie cast.

Update and search away...

Sept, 14/2010 "Movie Info" app has been added the app catalogue. Search movie info on your WebOS device

Check it out in the app catalogue.

Aug, 15/2010 Media Center Remote has been updated. Added vibration on touch and other performance enhancements.

Update your remote today.

July, 10/2010 "How Drunk" app for WebOS is now released to the catalogue. Calculate your BAC with your WebOS device

Find it in the app catalogue.